Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Family is my thang (if you haven't noticed). But it was kind of engrained in me, like I didn't really even have a choice. My parents were like, "See these three other weirdos we popped out? You have to be friends with them. No. Matter. What." For the most part we got along but we definitely fought too. My parents just never let us stay mad at each other. I appreciate that now but, man, I used to hate it. I mean my parents ACTUALLY said things like this:

"Lauren, I'm sorry that Brooke snuck into your closet and cut up all your dresses, you still have to be best sister friends with her."

"Brooke, I'm sorry that Lauren read your journal and then told everyone who you have a crush on. Just forgive her."

"Lauren, I'm sorry that Billy cut off all your American girl doll's hair, you still have to love him."

"Billy and Hannah, I'm sorry that Lauren and Brooke tried to convince you that you were adopted. You weren't. Now go back and play Oregon Trail with them."

"Hannah, I'm sorry that Lauren and Brooke convinced you that the other kids in your class live at the school. There is no such thing as a 'live at your school program,' just ignore most things the say."

and the one we heard over and over...
"Billy we are so sorry that none of your three bossy sisters are boys and that they are so obnoxiously Disney/Barbie/American Girl Doll/Spice Girl obsessed. But they love you and they are your family."

I mean I also had school/church friends... but really they all were forced ended up becoming friends with my siblings too (because if anyone came over everyone would latch onto them) so then I was still basically hanging out with my siblings. When you're in middle school and your younger siblings are in elementary school (and annoying) it is really a bummer. But now that we are all older (and mostly normal) it's all good. We really do have a good time together and hopefully that never changes.

So what I'm trying to say is, I spent the whole summer really looking forward to our Hagee-family vacation. The first week of August needed to hurry up! After much deliberation (mostly through family group texts) we decided that the destination was Durango, Colorado. Durango wasn't exactly a meet-in-the-middle but it was pretty close so we planned to drive from Utah with Billy and Lauren and the parentals would drive from Texas. None of us had been before, and some of us weren't too excited (we had a rough Estes Park, Colorado vacation back in 2005) but it ended up being wonderful. I mean really, the best time. (Well, there wasn't any air conditioning in the house but for the most part we were okay with that). It was definitely one of our best trips - the only thing that would have made it better was Hannah

Day 1 - 
Once we arrived at the house we had to unpack and explore. To our pleasant surprise there was a huge backyard with a creek, a fire pit, and a spiderman scooter the garage. A couple hours later the car from Texas pulled in the driveway and we were finally reunited. We spent that evening at a local BBQ joint (where Jack complimented my big teeth), the Dairy Queen drive-thru, and then playing games. 
 photo 476ba588-a090-450c-984e-8a70e0d7850c_zps986294fe.jpg

Day 2 - 
Since it was a Sunday we didn't really plan on doing anything too major. We spent the morning enjoying being together again and then found the local church service to attend. The afternoon was spent outside in the yard finding huge, hairy caterpillars, garden snakes, and an intense game of whiffle ball (because we are all so athletic). That night we were joined by one of Billy's mission friends for dinner, a walk around the neighborhood, sparklers, and Harlow's famous popcorn. "It's poppin' like hell now!"
 photo 1b3d0fcc-1c27-4d3b-928a-667670f4b53a_zps948f818c.jpg photo ae81d4dc-6547-4648-a790-9fa79deae8ee_zpsd4322ebc.jpg photo f88547eb-e110-4316-b111-abd879451b96_zpsd733c53d.jpg photo 16aec14c-05dc-48d5-93d0-96156d4d048c_zps6b806de6.jpg photo 948b37bf-d355-44cd-8816-d5499a178ac1_zps0ae10078.jpg photo b6123fb3-066b-4d50-a248-b918a7b93a11_zps3a66f8eb.jpg photo 7928c050-0569-42b2-94ea-48b07f19d3f4_zpse7b73acb.jpg
 photo 09998f8c-7b72-40c6-9f3c-d1d6169a73ba_zpsc7563d22.jpg photo 1d04d686-2f97-4685-9c11-9f5b6310350f_zpsfedde0d9.jpg photo 2ed9249d-7679-48d9-8639-4f90bcf10ddf_zps045fd51c.jpg photo ac09ddc6-0fd1-4f14-b7d7-ab42db306901_zps08a3b172.jpg photo b0e02370-c71f-42d4-b865-c337e9a391fd_zps04b4056d.jpg
 photo 263dbd52-5c95-4247-bfd7-73ef9c91b2e4_zps94039c10.jpg
 photo e755b968-6572-4366-b8a4-f2e14c33426d_zps84479ba0.jpg
 photo 13f78b66-4e0f-41bc-ae1a-155516b780af_zps37dc2a9b.jpg photo ed0e5f32-dfc8-4407-991c-f4e958bc5c15_zps8cab5784.jpg photo 2d810665-4300-4c3e-ae68-de11ad969584_zps8d07f99c.jpg
 photo 5ec42fdd-058b-4297-a4fa-3fe4344379da_zps6263bf10.jpg
 photo e1775b58-04b1-4904-9a32-71e134fcd699_zps5fce49ad.jpg photo 66fd5562-a68e-400f-9e9a-1f7e015f64d0_zpse217c369.jpg photo 2ee6ea31-1d45-456d-975a-522ca4e921f1_zps94ea7644.jpg photo 7f5eeed7-b0a3-46b9-8ad9-5f076d8195af_zpsa779fc2f.jpg
 photo b54cf2ef-8747-40cb-a298-5be93f395e12_zps9b833c3a.jpg photo 95b7161d-19dc-44a3-ae2a-1202c35c182c_zps8f67b97d.jpg photo 0d7c87d5-db58-4ecf-8670-4803a9e2ec50_zpsc210950c.jpg

Day 3 - 
The town of Durango is very similar Park City, Utah; the main attraction is the skiing but in the off season the ski resorts are still open with a lot of things to do. We decided that we definitely wanted to  spend a day up at Durango's ski resort, Purgatory. The scenery was beautiful, but the best part was easily the alpine slides. We all were really looking forward to this and I was so excited because Jack could also participate. The first down the slides were me and Garrett with Jack on his lap. Next was Lauren and Billy - and in true Lauren and Billy fashion, they had to turn it into a race. Also turns out if you don't use the break AT ALL you will crash and fall and get hurt (and it will be in front of the people riding up the ski lift). They eventually made it down the mountain but Lauren's injuries were a little too much for her and she had to spend a good 30 minutes in the car with the air conditioning to recover (don't worry she still managed to Instagram during this time #nevertoofainttoinstagram). 

That afternoon the boys were able to go and play a round of golf and we met up later for dinner at a local brewery (props to Billy, the best restaurant researcher, for making sure we ate at the best places in Durango the entire vacation). Then we spent the rest of the night at the house playing games and listening to Lauren complain talk about her injuries:

"I really need to shower in the morning but I don't know if I can because of my injuries."

and (my personal favorite) was her response after Billy scolded her for exaggerating about "literally everything hitting her elbow" was, "I'm not. Seriously, I want to kill myself."
 photo a7280468-8882-43b2-b8ea-b1ac44893421_zps5af08b50.jpg
 photo 15adbe8f-cf75-4580-922e-954b168ee466_zpsb2fecf51.jpg photo 45ffa410-2f25-4537-8aa8-65c5a265845e_zps3588ad54.jpg
 photo 734f3cc9-727e-4719-baeb-b5db52d62c9d_zpsd5902ccd.jpg photo 2d911652-00bf-410f-bd23-f83c8c4e40c4_zps79750ed3.jpg photo 093e607c-62bd-4776-b286-2b7378045c3e_zps6965cebd.jpg photo c77c516a-69e6-44ad-a181-bd24e92c17ff_zpsae42d439.jpg photo 3b013e92-e400-4721-9898-a8135cdb7052_zps86815b91.jpg
 photo 9d8928e1-2ac9-4b66-91c7-db53438387b9_zpsd24e73fb.jpg photo 3ba27dd1-13c0-4614-b5a0-ac1a5350ed6d_zps23506300.jpg photo a3658152-db80-4e68-bcd6-f2e57c976f2b_zps66942c27.jpg photo b687297c-e488-49c5-ba74-e40a5a393182_zps9fcf4abe.jpg

Day 4 -
Well it wouldn't have been a real Hagee family vacation without something historical/educational (sorry Garrett) - so we spent a day in Mesa Verde National Park. Once we suffered through went through the museum and movie we headed down to the ancient Pueblo dwellings. While we enjoyed the hike and looking at the dwellings, it was mostly entertaining to watch Lauren learn the hard way that you will be scolded for too much touching. ("It's really stupid that we're not allowed to touch something that was build by humans for humans to use.") And only because I love her so much, I have to mention that Lauren slipped and fell here too. Once we were back from the park we spent the evening together and made our first fire in the pit and Jack experienced his first s'more. What a wonderful thing. 
 photo 4cf1543e-b18b-4ca1-89cb-a72475b29d9c_zpsc0d99d5f.jpg photo 88aa0ddb-8a75-44cb-8619-54164bee7f79_zps47983641.jpg
 photo b4d0ed8d-6f8f-4d98-ac14-e22bca290b86_zpsa78418b5.jpg
 photo 425ba0d5-4ab0-452f-9804-91b261eedb37_zps5bed68e2.jpg photo bb3013eb-e4e5-4ce8-a916-58d429d5e529_zpsa7d46319.jpg photo 3bce1e54-31d1-4f2a-9145-e733edf75bf8_zpsad175ae3.jpg photo 560f05d0-d691-4a54-8a0c-9acfd6e18540_zpsa3a15f4c.jpg
 photo 41fcdf1e-fd17-41f5-ae2a-85f3afe7034b_zps660d82f4.jpg photo 0ffe2476-4943-45fb-8443-ef3b675a15d4_zps1bbf6e24.jpg photo 1d47fe38-eaca-4c5e-aec9-9431450ada01_zpscc02ca77.jpg photo cdb5e809-49aa-495c-ad4b-8a7ca92bef51_zpsbbcdf79f.jpg photo bc1ac1df-a8fb-4e13-9847-88759d1ba590_zpsebd1b520.jpg
 photo 5b0dde0f-5b1c-4ada-b1ef-5f82a167ca01_zps9a20c3af.jpg photo 986e1b52-5409-4f67-b3a6-8e799cb2dbca_zpsc7df1ed9.jpg
 photo 548238cf-665a-4efd-96fe-bcde39caea82_zpsd864fbf3.jpg

Day 5 -
We spent the morning in downtown Durango for breakfast and then off to our white water rafting adventure (which Garrett sat out because someone had to stay home with Bradley). Since Jack was able to pass as a 4 year-old he was able to come along too! Plus they gave him a water gun so he was in complete heaven. The section of the river we rafted was pretty calm, but at the end there were a few good rapids. We had a great time laughing at Jack, getting in water gun fights with the other rafts, jumping into the freezing water (and then realizing it was impossible to pull yourself back into the raft), and chatting it up with our mountain-man rafting guide, Jebediah. 

Later in the day we split up - Lauren and Billy went on a zip-lining adventure through the mountains, while the rest of us went fishing. My Dad is always down for everything that everyone else wants to do, so we made sure that he picked one activity too. In true Grandpa fashion he chose fishing with his grandsons. Although the lake was picturesque, the fishing sucked. Whatevs, we had fun regardless. That night we met back up for dinner and another round of s'mores, because delicious. 
 photo b0050dc8-3565-46a5-a473-0e2510ca982d_zpsc267a3f8.jpg
 photo b0693273-22e6-4314-b3ea-dc4b3608ea77_zpsbfa7b06f.jpg photo 4ce194b3-70ff-4094-9d3d-2c4cee012619_zps62d3932f.jpg
 photo 87b3589a-6dfb-4596-9440-afd1b0048d88_zps5bbf2aae.jpg photo c8150b0f-2e84-43a0-9974-6be4dc203d99_zps307425b8.jpg photo 43a4066e-5891-44d8-ac0e-e6ef3f9feba2_zpse9793426.jpg photo e91a27fd-3c56-4c89-8c13-62aabfec4342_zps85c72d8a.jpg
 photo 085abf13-ed74-4abd-a3b4-63a0dea16927_zpsbb5dd24f.jpg photo 2be7730f-f879-446f-82d0-2dc193fef7ce_zps9c178b04.jpg photo 6673c7bd-25c3-4ad7-9f3d-d4467bacce63_zps9d209217.jpg photo 2af7b4e1-3961-4c7a-9c5b-357ff91db9e0_zpsac5e663e.jpg
 photo 718999e7-8aed-48f1-9381-fe996bc99467_zps72a0f04b.jpg

Day 6 - 
Our last day in Durango was short and sweet. We started our morning by packing up and playing a quick kickball while Garrett packed the car. Then we went to a local diner for breakfast and our last stop was the Durango Train Museum. Much to everyone's surprise, the museum was kind of awesome - Jack especially loved it. After the museum we explored some of the local shops but it was soon time to head back to Utah. 
 photo ee21437d-2ad6-4562-b43c-32ccf6386a77_zps5b84a813.jpg photo 45667d9a-2da8-46cf-9a73-c0b19fd5545d_zps4aeb0906.jpg photo fc33efae-ad4e-478e-82d5-13d26944434a_zps25bb9f6b.jpg photo 79674136-a50d-479b-98ce-b02bf17e3262_zpsc8c243cf.jpg photo cc2827a5-5cb8-4cbf-8d21-99d42e26695b_zpsbd44877f.jpg photo 9d90f465-ec81-4592-a056-f8ef2196595e_zps888c34ec.jpg photo 53041806-4d73-47c8-b84a-c88f1860dae1_zps4e36f6b1.jpg
 photo 0e0221c1-328e-4082-b529-657acc38ddd0_zpsc7a93c61.jpg photo 4a2bbe90-d755-4308-ba98-dd3b4e495a4c_zps46f600c7.jpg photo 66025d19-4614-41fe-bd7a-b53eeeddc586_zps0931d027.jpg photo a7deadab-26aa-425c-9fdf-20646000d40a_zps55cf50ca.jpg photo df0c1a58-bd46-4088-a4a6-08960063919d_zpse511bd34.jpg photo 2873b053-4e4f-44fd-97d3-5386a54ae4bb_zpse592f5c9.jpg
 photo 80c7730f-2c6c-4cea-b329-2568a0167435_zps9c05ddda.jpg photo a4d03e62-5065-4a1b-bbf1-6b2f9e79b912_zps656952df.jpg

But seriously, Durango is the bomb.