Monday, March 23, 2015

August 2014

Since it has been so long, most of August has just all blurred together in my mind. Spank goodness for all the pictures I took. One day this blog will be caught up...

Okay so August. We had to adjust back to reality post vacation and at the same time, try to enjoy the rest of summer. We did spend our free time together, mostly outside, and we had to get Jack ready to start pre-school (say whaaa!?). The weather was wonderful and so was the company.

We spent a lot of time spent at the park,
 photo e5a1b35f-05cb-431e-9a35-0db1f7880101_zpsfp3hvv5v.jpg photo 6c09f51d-fc1b-4665-8715-f079c31fad78_zpsj6prrpi6.jpg

scored new sneaks,
 photo 01ae5e5b-9af7-4a17-8f59-ccd0ce7d5571_zps923e6e35.jpg

celebrated G's birthday,
 photo 74ed20f1-cff9-4f44-95ab-68f7482a44d6_zpsr0zrij9x.jpg

played in new costumes (thanks Costco!),
 photo dfcd0bc2-e733-441b-9f9b-ee417c1d40cf_zps426b77ba.jpg photo 1079551f-bd9e-49df-bde8-55686ac7d8ed_zps561c615b.jpg

attended the cutest of baby showers,
 photo ee07fc8e-0be1-4198-942d-533cf63a4593_zps592905d7.jpg

took a day trip to Fairview,
 photo 781538aa-1eb2-4b25-88bb-09ead419f360_zpsivnyrzgd.jpg
 photo a4fa7ef2-e771-4179-938f-01bc52582615_zps1905fac8.jpg photo 582f9490-ca70-44f4-b161-11d393b4693b_zpsrjxtfahu.jpg photo c46a974f-123c-4cab-821b-b5a2686ee895_zpscxlr5moq.jpg
 photo 43622abe-e620-4a3c-9251-62812fe5dcb5_zpstufox0ca.jpg photo 5341ac36-a2f7-443e-9f88-adbd9da9a2a4_zpsixvtr6wa.jpg photo 9ae5d0a1-dc67-47a6-b49b-8e0c29d48198_zpswjqn8lrk.jpg

and so, soo much golf.
 photo e4e1a597-ad16-4f8f-979c-ff0f8cf65b2f_zpsdzzk2wve.jpg photo a0af2b25-8164-4e92-a82f-8efe8da85abd_zps481edb83.jpg photo 5e701d5e-1fcd-4e0b-a0ca-a2165f83a0a3_zps64a6399d.jpg photo e8040a88-8b6f-48fc-b3b2-0eb3b7a8b460_zps8h0om6cq.jpg

And of course I also took a bunch of pictures of these nuggets because I can't control myself -
 photo 6cb31e89-0f8e-4d06-96fd-348597e3df4b_zpswshfild9.jpg photo 690d3b3a-9bfb-4ca6-8596-0e5f45f00751_zps070ce40b.jpg photo e42db3da-17b2-4a03-941f-7d0361867680_zpskizfpktv.jpg photo cefe39b0-0d63-4864-8377-46aa530f072a_zps21e661da.jpg photo 1a5e0327-e196-48e2-9ab0-deb11b5f6c5e_zpslxslz9gh.jpg