Thursday, July 24, 2014


October in Utah is a dream. And although I am an indoorsy person, I actually do not mind being outside in the fall. The air is crisp and the mountains are gorge. I snapped this picture on a walk to our neighborhood playground -

 photo c283c700-69aa-471a-96fc-f53f261ae070_zps37af7f75.jpg

We had quite a busy October; not only did the Powell girls come to visit but my parents did as well. It was so great, as always. They were able to see our new home, our new town and my new pregnantish belly. We had game nights, visited the pumpkin patch, had a spudnut party, and Harlow even broke his awful strict diet for a JDawg. 

 photo 90f7cd9a-ceb4-463f-bbd1-c04207596ba7_zpsa971042f.jpg  photo 9ae16f05-fcaa-4e10-baf7-ed44f7885a4f_zps2d8e3f9c.jpg
 photo 66f6cc98-1b6b-4e43-a851-ecabc5996d4b_zps9b0bc077.jpg

I know that spudnuts are foreign to most people, but they are a yearly tradish for me. Luckily I am friends Claudia, the spudnut queen, and she graciously throws me and my family and friends a spudnut party every October. I'm pretty sure that my Mom makes sure to come to Utah every October just for the spudnuts (although she keeps saying she comes to "visit her kids and grandkids," puh-lease). Oh and for those who do not know, spudnuts are the most amazing donuts you'll ever eat. 

 photo aa322945-514f-4a2c-8cf1-41731a0c45f6_zps4a2bf3d2.jpg  photo 727b4a99-887f-4a38-ba2c-0816703919ea_zps9a97be5b.jpg

Of course our October included Halloween. Since I'm trying to get all caught up on the bloggy I will skip a whole long post, but you can read the one from last year. But this Halloween Jack was Max from the childrens' book Where the Wild Things Are. His costume was amazing. And it was all thanks to my fabulous Mother who can literally make anything (and a little thanks to my brother who brought home a fox tail from Ukraine). Jack was totally into the costume and asked to wear it often. When it was finally Halloween we hit up all the Halloween activities I felt I could handle. The best though was just good ol' trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. It was just the three of us and Jack was being especially adorable and hilarious - a few times he just walked right into people's houses as soon as they answered their door. And we have several older ladies in our neighborhood who handed out fresh baked cookies and Frosty coupons. Score!

Pumpkin carving - 
 photo 070343ca-01ca-4e3a-8fe6-00e2e6477d66_zpsf2197aa5.jpg photo 717ef9c0-ad57-4fb9-b13f-5e66436c7ce2_zpsd74f5d56.jpg

Boo at the Zoo -
 photo 489c1669-6f9a-47d9-b161-9839d5cc145a_zps0c258af0.jpg

Provo Riverwoods Halloween Night -
 photo 5f733f5d-7ee4-42b1-8262-9e16b23261be_zps3ae73bd1.jpg photo 08e06aee-8e6b-4e18-8ab5-a8926bd60650_zps23eab885.jpg

Trunk-or-treating - 
 photo ba52c9c8-b014-47a8-8da9-8db513557913_zpsf8cc3edc.jpg

Neighborhood trick-or-treating - 
 photo 92658fab-53c6-488a-85b7-48b38ad070db_zpsfe1e6043.jpg
"I'll eat you up I love you so."