Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Did you miss me? Were you worried about me? Did you check my blog on the reg looking for new posts? Oh... you didn't? Well don't tell me that because I am just going to pretend you did. It has been about three months since my last post and a lot has happened. While I have been pretty busy, I am going to be honest here - the real reason why I haven't kept up with my blog is because I've been sleeping a lot lately. Like almost every day during Jack's nap and then pretty much as soon as he goes to bed. Think that's weird? Well you if you do that's probably because you've never been pregnant...

YUP - you read that correctly - I am with child. And this child has been making me so tired. (Like worse than Hannah the time she had mono for months and no one knew) But now that I have finally moved into the glorious second trimester I am ready to ween myself off of naps and tell the world (I like to pretend that's how many people read my blog) our news. We are so excited for the new babe, who will be arriving at the end of March. Everyone is allowed to pray for us to have a girl. We have not broken the news to Jack yet, but not because he won't be excited. Actually the problem is that he would be too excited. If that doesn't make sense then let me explain - a few months ago we ordered him a bike online and made the mistake of telling him immediately. For the next 6-8 business days Jack asked about the bike non-stop and would get really upset each time we told him that he had to wait a few more days. So when we finally let Jack know, I'll let ya'll know.

Obvs the baby is the biggest news right now, but lots of other blog worthy stuff has happened in the past three months too. Am I going to blog about it all? Well I'm going to try. So last time I blogged I was in Texas visiting family and spending time with Hannah before she left on her mission. I was able to blog about Hannah's Farewell Sunday and then about my weird baby-mugging obsession but lots more happened. I shall show you.

We were in Texas for over two weeks and it was so stupid hot. Does that bother Jack? Unfortunately for me (or anyone he wants to play with) it does not.
 photo a73b82cd-6e35-42ca-b74b-0000e771be54_zps52692b0e.jpg photo fbcea370-f34d-47c2-a780-5a68442fec14_zpsc7e45bdb.jpg photo cc8477f8-c7f6-4ccb-a90f-6da3689b79bb_zps3cba9d59.jpg  photo 2b740095-e942-4771-b853-711e55fc6932_zps67eb631a.jpg

 photo 89cfb42c-dd9b-4867-9e23-81b1d4ff71f8_zps8f94648f.jpg

We hit up the coolest snow cone place around (a few times) - Scallywags. 
 photo be7b0ec3-f969-49c4-a8a1-901e8b047cc0_zps56937bc0.jpg
 photo 3f2018a4-2df8-43fa-b871-2bfa679718aa_zps75d2e88c.jpg photo 3d48925d-cea9-4f19-ae81-255ea3b6c868_zpsd647cd80.jpg

Jack loves spending time with his Texas bestie, Cannon.
 photo 94aa65c8-e80e-49ab-b205-ae1122275abc_zps356a4ffb.jpg
 photo 58e4b1df-8a80-4c30-b05f-8dec8ce2c8bf_zpse39c7ef7.jpg

Of course I saw my favorite Powell girls.
 photo bac665b7-c154-45e7-8019-4a1cda507926_zps57d2b346.jpg  photo 5b918f7c-69d8-494b-bd52-3aaa5c93d023_zpsaac41648.jpg photo 145b8629-2a30-4cdb-84cb-a700c27f77d2_zps2589941f.jpg

Of course we spent time with Garrett's family - Jack loves his cousins, G and Mim. 
 photo a7e5ef0d-1fd9-4025-aed8-3c541dd29f49_zps022fbc57.jpg  photo dd5fc940-1002-420d-8882-604c6e9b73d4_zps4da3a49a.jpg
 photo 83fc5aed-dfb8-4fec-ae19-fcee718d1c21_zps028cc2fa.jpg
 photo 0bf470c0-f29f-4638-8002-53b0d262625b_zps94c18850.jpg

I realized my sister-in-law Lindsay and I have no pictures together - I mean besides group wedding photos - so we threw these together. We are idiots.
 photo 8110459b-6a4b-4b8c-8680-89a827af9c93_zpsbbdbff5d.jpg photo 3aee803e-9905-4e11-8a18-4cabea6c2a36_zps9a3e7712.jpg

My Dad's sister Annis came to see Hannah before she left and to finally meet Jack.
 photo c670ccb6-8647-49f5-a71e-3115cadb75cb_zps76192277.jpg  photo a1620902-6a32-439c-80ef-8b01f18845ac_zpsbc812c0a.jpg  photo 57c00e43-52f8-4437-98e6-6dc11907755a_zpseccaa784.jpg

As soon as we got back to Utah, WE MOOOOOVVVED!
 photo fb9f0a87-8f46-4beb-b9ab-3e7fbb299d64_zps08866424.jpg

Then about 3 days later Sister Hannah Hagee came to Utah for her final days before entering the MTC. She was the first guest to stay in our new house and we had a blast. She played nonstop with Jack, met up with a few friends, and ate at all her Provo favorites.
 photo 0378f723-5657-4a63-abfc-3b87ba6619c6_zpsb2be0dc0.jpg  photo b2a157f7-4d4b-45c4-9f0c-de4dc3cde800_zpsdd6ade06.jpg  photo a3bb67a1-8811-418a-ae82-590ce471851f_zps93e3bc17.jpg

Dropping my main smitch off at the MTC - see you in 18 months lady!

Stay tuned for the rest of our summer peeps.


  1. I actually did miss you blog. Even though I always pretty much know what you did before you post it here (except for some of the craziness like baby mugging), your recaps are too funny to miss.

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  3. AHH! Love it! I've been thinking for awhile now, when is Brooke going to post something? And what an excellent thing to post. And word. I was crazy tired this time around. Way more so than with Cohen.

  4. congrats brooke! yay for baby #2! can't wait to read about jack's reaction :)

  5. Love all of this :) You are with child..hahaha

  6. A little late to the party, but yay!! So happy for you :)